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P-31c ND(1967) 10 rupees 1967 Mauritius
P-17 25 sylis 1971 Guinea
Purple on multicolour underprint. Suku mask at left Zande Harp at center right on back. Printer G&D. 1997 Congo
Green and multiclolour. Men fishing with stick nets at left on back. Simular to #28. Signature 7. 1988 Congo
Light brown on pink and multicolout underprint. Signature 9. 1993 Congo
Black on pale violet and blue-green underprint. Signature 9. 1993 Congo
Dary grey and ark-blue-green on multicolour underprint. Back like #31. Signature9. 1993 Congo
Brown-orange on light green and multicolour underprint. Chieftain at left, me fishing with stick... 1993 Congo
Lilac. Similar to #180. Imprint: Survey of Egypt. Wateramrks: A R E & U A R 1971 Egypt
Green and orange. Simular to #182. El-Gharaeb with the title MINISTER OF FINANCE. Arab Series... 1998 Egypt
Dull purple and blue on multicolour underprint. Similar to #187. 1999 Egypt
Black. Similar to #183 but new flag with eagle instead of two stars. Signature title. MINISTER OF... 1971 Egypt
Purple and pale blue and pale lilac and multicolour underprint. Face and watermark like #49 and... 1985 Egypt
black on pale orange, pink and multicolour underprint. Al Azhar mosque at center right. Back like... 1985 Egypt
Brown, purple, and deep olive-green on mulitcolour underprint. Sultan Qait Bey mosque at left... 1978 Egypt
Dark brown and balck on multicolour underprint. Three girls at center. Back dark green; children... 1997 Eritrea
Somalia 50 Shillings (50 N Shilin) issued by the Mogadishu North Forces led by Ali Mahdi... 1991 Somalia
2006 Ethiopia
red, orange and adrk brown on multicolour underprint. Giant kingfisher at center, your girl at... 19962001 Gambia
Purple, blue and multicolour. Woman at left center. Loading produce onto truck at center on back. 1983 Ghana