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Marechal Carmona 1972 Angola
500 Francs 2002 Togo
Coffee bean harvester on front, erupting volcano on back 1997 Congo
Mask on front, musical instrument on back 1997 Congo
Mask on front, native dancers on back 1997 Congo
Antelope on front. Savanna with family of antelopes on back 1997 Congo
Gago Coutinho e Sacadura Cabral. 1972 Mozambique
Américo Tomás e Barragem das Mabubas 1970 Angola
Nuno Tristão 1971 Guinea
5 Piastre 1998 Blue/Purple/Black Minister of Finance Dr.M S E Hamid Front Seal & Denomination... 1988 Egypt
10 Piastres Purple/Blue Front Mosque of Mohamed Ali at Citadel Rev Sphinx and pyramids... 2000 Egypt
Okapi on front. Family of okapis on back 1997 Congo
Rhino of front; Kawwanda Falls on back 1997 Congo
Headrest on front; carved wooden statue on back 1997 Congo
Lion on front; Family of lions on back 1997 Congo
Wooden mask on front; Fishing village on back 2000 Congo
Elephant on front; Hydroelectric power plant on back 2000 Congo
Egypt 50 Piastres 1995/2002 Green/Brown Front Al Azhar Mosque Rev Ramses II together with... 2002 Egypt
50 Piastras from Eg_Collector from the ccf forum Thank You Amr 0 Egypt
Egyptian 5 Piastres from eg_collector from the CCF forum Thank you Amr 0 Egypt