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100 Leones. Pres. Dr.Joseph Saidu Momoh and ship on face; Central Bank building on back.... 1990 Sierra Leone
1989 Somalia
1997 Burundi
1979 Seychelles
10000 Francs=2000 Ariary. Young girl with sheaf on face; harvesting rice on back. Pick #74 1988 Madagascar
1000 Francs=200 Ariary. Young man and boats on face; young women with basket of shellfish and... 1994 Madagascar
50000 Francs=10000 Ariary. House on face; mine's trucks and escavators working on back.... 2003 Madagascar
5000 Francs=1000 Ariary. Sloth, turtle and ape on face; local vegetation represented on back.... 2004 Madagascar
500 Francs=100 Ariary. Papyrus and mountains on face; volcano isle on back. Pick #new 2004 Madagascar
1000 Francs=200 Ariary. Primitive village on face; ancient religious temple on back. Pick #new 2004 Madagascar
2500 Francs=500 Ariary. Man making baskets on face; herdsman with Zebus on back. Pick #new 2004 Madagascar
10 Dinars. Issued on the 7th anniversary of the Bourguiba Government. Ibn Khaldoun on face;... 1994 Tunisia
5000 Francs. Serial -C- prefix (Burkina Faso). Woman wearing headdress adorned with cowrie... 1992 West African States
1000 Francs. Workmen hauling peanuts to storage and woman's head on face; twin statues and... 1997 West African States
500 Francs. Serial -S- prefix (Guinea-Bissau). Man and flood control dam on face; farmer... 1998 West African States
1000 Francs CFA. Serial -K- prefix (Senegal). Tribal mask on face; two dromedaries on back.... 2003 West African States
5000 Francs. Serial -N- prefix (Equatorial Guinea). Laborer wearing hard hat and riggers... 1998 Equatorial Guinea
1000 Francs. Serial -N- prefix (Equatorial Guinea). Young man at right, harvesting coffee... 2000 Equatorial Guinea
500 Francs. Serial -E- prefix (Cameroon). Shepherd at left and zebus at center on face;... 1993 Cameroon
500 Francs. Carving and jug on face; man carving mark on back. Pick #14c 1987 Central African Republic
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