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A nice crisp $5 note a friend brought back from vacation. 2009 Belize
A $10 note a friend brought back from vacation! 2007 Belize
A nice $2 note a friend brought back from vacation. 2007 Belize
2004-A FR 2039-E (?) Cabral-Snow 2004 USA
FR 2090-D Marin-Snow 2004 USA
FR 1929-H Marin-Snow 2003 USA
2003 A Cabral-Snow FR 1931-G (?) 2003 USA
FR 1937-I Marin-Snow 2003 USA
FR 1937-F Marin-Snow. This one is unusual as it was issued by the Atlanta Fed (F), all series... 2003 USA
FR 1989-D Marin-O'Neill 2003 USA
FR 2037-G Marin-Snow 2003 USA
FR 1927-G* Marin-O'Neill one of ten consecutive stars! 2001 USA
FR 2088-L Marin-O'Neill 2001 USA
FR 1924-D Withrow-Summers 1999 USA
FR 1921-B Withrow-Rubin 1995 USA
FR 1936-F Withrow-Rubin 1995 USA
FR 2082-L Withrow-Rubin 1995 USA
FR 1918-F* Withrow-Bentsen One of three consecutive stars! 1993 USA
FR 2173-I Villalpondo-Brady 1990 USA
A nice old-style 200-franc note of the style I used when working in Paris in 1995. Brings back... 1990 France
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