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Fr. 223 - $1 silver certificate of 1891, Martha Washington on the face. 1891 USA
Here is a nice example of a series 1891 Treasury or "Coin" note since it was payable in "coin."... 1891 USA
A nice evenly circulated 1890 Treasury or Coin note with ornate back. 1890 USA
Ornate back Treasury Note from 1890. 1890 USA
FR 260 Rosencrans-Hyatt with the Morgan Silver Dollar back! 1886 USA
Nice 1882 Dateback $10 National from the National Shawmut Bank of Boston, graded apparent VF by... 1882 USA
My first $20 legal tender, a series 1880, but likely issued in the early 20th century based on... 1880 USA
A rather scarce Fr. 65 series 1875 $5 legal tender note, with the the Allison - New signature... 1875 USA
Original $10 note issued by the First National Bank of Odgensburg, NY. 1875 USA
1874 USA
Fr. 18 - $1 Legal Tender, the rainbow note with similar design to that used until the series 1923... 1869 USA
Fr. 96 - 1869 rainbow $10 Legal Tender note. A nice note, bright colors, but a center hole has... 1869 USA
A nice example of one of the first "greenback" notes, an 1863 $5 legal tender note. 1863 USA
This is a nice upgrade from my first in a solid Fine. 1863 USA
1862 USA
Fr. 16 - $1 Legal Tender note from 1862, the first of the greenbacks with Salmon P. Chase on the... 1862 USA
What a wonderful note! The original issue $1 National Bank note, issed by the Washington... 1862 USA
1850 USA
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