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Here is a nice, less common series 1935 B $1 silver certificate, with the Julian-Vinson signature... 1928 USA
Series 1934A $500 note, Mule graded VF 25 by PCGS from the Rickey Collection. Matches well with... 1934 USA
A nice old style 500-franc note of the type I used while working in Paris in 1995. We had a good... 1985 France
Here is a nice example of a series 1891 Treasury or "Coin" note since it was payable in "coin."... 1891 USA
An allied occupational note for 50 marks, quite plain and given to allied troops before the... 1944 Germany
Series 1902 date back $50 National issued by the Joplin National Bank of Joplin, MO. A nice... 1902 USA
Series 1929 FRBN from the Minneapolis Fed, a nice brown seal in a nice collectible grade. 1929 USA
1950 B FR 2012-F Priest-Anderson 1950 USA
A nice old French 100-franc note of the style I spent while working in Paris in 1995. This one... 1979 France
Fr. 16 - $1 Legal Tender note from 1862, the first of the greenbacks with Salmon P. Chase on the... 1862 USA
1928 G FR 1508 Clark-Snyder 1928 USA
This is a nice old note with the numerical Fed seal from the first series of small size Federal... 1928 USA
A set of 5 consecutive series 1981 $1 FRNs, I have been saving these in consecutive order from... 1981 USA
Fr. 91 Speelman-White. Now graded by PMG as VF35 (yeah, I'm still scratching my head at that... 1907 USA
Ticket to the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago! 1893 Canada
FR 2088-L Marin-O'Neill 2001 USA
Fr. 123 - The famous 1923 $10 United States Note, or poker chip note as they are called! 1923 USA
A nice example of one of the first "greenback" notes, an 1863 $5 legal tender note. 1863 USA
Educational Series $2 Silver Certificate, lower serial number, overall a nice clean circulated... 1896 USA
FR 942 Burke-Houston 1914 USA
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