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1 Dinar Pk 34 2003 Jordan
Green and brown. Similar to #66but date below horses. Reduced size. 175x80mm. 1981 Iraq
Similar to #72 but green and gray. Lithograph without watermark. 1990 Iraq
Dull red-brown on pale orange, lilac and multicolour underprint. Temple at center. Hammurabi in... 1992 Iraq
Brown on light green underprint. 2001 Iraq
Purple on rose and blue underprint. Dome of the Rock on back. 2002 Iraq
Purple on multicolour underprint. Grain silo at Basrah. Date palms on back. 2003 Iraq
Gren and blue on multicolour underprint. Ducan Dam at center. Winged bull statue on back. 2004 Iraq
1/2 Dinar Pk 28 1997 Jordan
1 Dinar Pk 29 1996 Jordan
1/2 Dinar__ Pk 12 1993 Bahrain
2000 Rials Pk 144 2000 Iran
1 Riyal Pk 14 1996 Qatar
100 Rials Pk 132 1981 Iran
50 Dinars Pk 90 2003 Iraq
Green and blue and light yellow underprint. Buildings. Bridge over Kalb at cenyet right on back.... 1986 Lebanon
Purple on multicolour underprint. Ruins of Anjar. Large rocks in water near Beirut on back.... 1986 Lebanon
Brown on gold underprint. Crusader Castle at Saida (Sidon). Ruins on rocks on back. Watermark:... 1983 Lebanon
Dark grey, purple and dark olive-green on multicolour underprint. Ruins of Temple of Bacchus at... 1988 Lebanon
blue on light pink and light blue underprint. Palais Beit-ed-din with inner courtyard. Snowy... 1988 Lebanon