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Lebanon 10 Livres banknote in UNC condition 0 Lebanon
Lebanon 250 Livres banknote in UNC condition 0 Lebanon
Iraq 50 Dinar banknote in UNC condition 2005 Iraq
Iraq 250 Dinars banknote in UNC condition 0 Iraq
Iraq 1/4 dinar banknote in UNC condition 0 Iraq
Israel 5 Lirot Front Design: Albert Einstein 1968 Israel
25 Dinars. Saddam Hussein at right, charging horsemen at center on face; city gate at left,... 1986 Iraq
1/4 Dinar. Palm trees at center on face; building at center on back. Pick #77 1993 Iraq
50 Dinars. Grain silo at Basarah on face; date palms on back. Pick #90 2003 Iraq
1/2 Rial. Sultan Qaboos at right, Bahla Castle at center on face; Nakhl Fort and Al-Hazm... 1995 Oman
5 Livres. Buildings at right center on face; bridge over Kalb at center right on back.... 1986 Lebanon
5,000 Livres. Ornate block designs as underprinting, geometric designs on face; arabic serial... 1994 Lebanon
10 Dirhams. Arab dagger at right on face; ideal farm with trees at left center, sparrowhawk at... 1982 United Arab Emirates
50 Dirhams. Oryx at right on face; Al Jahilie fort at left center, sparrowhawk at left on... 1998 United Arab Emirates
50 Sheqalim. David Ben-Gurion at right on face; Golden Gate at center on back. Pick #46a 1980 Israel
1 Rial. Incorrect text at upper left, with unnecessary upper accent mark in Monetary at center... 1984 Saudi Arabia
5 Riyals. Arms at right on face; sheep and plants at left center on back. Pick #15 1996 Qatar
1 Riyal. Arms at right on face; boat beached at left, Ministry of Finance, Emir's Palace in... 1996 Qatar
1,000 Livres. Hemisphere divided into squares in which are characters of ancient alphabets on... 2004 Lebanon
Limited Edition! 25 Dinars Dated 1986,Central Bank Of Iraq. Obverse:Portrait of Saddam... 1986 Iraq
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