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George Matthewson, Chief Executive £1 8 Dec 1992 Front commemorating the European summit in... 1992 Scotland
5 Won Front students Rev wooden built building Watermark Symbols 1992 Korea - North
$10 1992 Purple/Brown/Ocher Governor Front Coat of arms above value QEII Rev Native Fijians... 1992 Fiji
£5 1992 Blue/Purple Chief Finacial Officer Cashen Front Celtic cross, Trikelion in center,... 1992 Isle of Man
10 Bolivars Purple/Green Simon Bolivar & Antonio Jose de Sucre Monument to Battle of Carabobo 1992 Venezuela
0.5 Quetzal Brown/Green Quetzal bird, seated figure & Tecun Uman Tikal Temple 1992 Guatemala
$1 Brownred Sign #9 Coat of Arms & Kaieteur waterfall Bush polder & rice harvesting... 1992 Guyana
50 Bolivares Purple/Orange Palace of Acadimia & Andres Bello Central Bank Wtmrk A Bello 1992 Venezuela
100 Rupiah Red Sailboat Pinisi Volcano Anak Krakatau Wtrmrk Man 1992 Indonesia
10 Rials Blue/Orange/BrownBaqilyah Mosque Sign #8 Ma'rib dam Security thread Wtrmrk Coat of... 1992 Yemen
200 pesos Green/Purple 10/8/92 Jose Celestino Mutis Scroll & La Bordadita, Bogota Wtrmrk... 1992 Colombia
500 pesos Brown/Green Brigadier General Francisco José de Paula Santander y Omaña 5th... 1992 Colombia
1000 livres Blue Map Ruins & Modern building Security thread Wtrmk Cedar tree 1992 Lebanon
5 Dinars Purple/Yellow Saddam Hussein Soldier's tomb Wtrmk Hawks head 1992 Iraq
10 Dinar Purple/Blue/Green Ishtar Gate, Babylon & Saddam Hussein Winged Bull from the Palace... 1992 Iraq
50 Leva Purple/Green/Yellow/Pink K.G. Danov Printing press Security thread Wtrmk Bulgarian... 1992 Bulgaria
200 Leva Blue/Yellow/Brown Books, Quill pen & Ivan Vazov lyre Security thread Wtrmk... 1992 Bulgaria
50 Tolarjev Multi Geometric & astronomic designs, Astronomer Jurij Vega Planets & Academy of... 1992 Slovenia
50 Manat Red/Green/Blue Maiden Tower in Baku Ornaments Watermark, three buds 1992 Azerbaijan
100 Manat Purple/Green/Blue Maiden Tower in Baku Ornaments Watermark, three buds 1992 Azerbaijan