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10 Piastres Purple/Blue Front Mosque of Mohamed Ali at Citadel Rev Sphinx and pyramids... 2000 Egypt
Egypt 50 Piastres 1995/2002 Green/Brown Front Al Azhar Mosque Rev Ramses II together with... 2002 Egypt
Egypt 1 Pound 2005 Browns Governor Dr F A E B E Okdah Front Value & writting in Arabic, Mosque... 2005 Egypt
£5 2005 Blue/Gray/Brown Governor Dr F A E B E Okdah Front Ahmad ibn Tulun mosque in Cairo... 2005 Egypt
25p 1977 Green/Brown/Blue Governor M A E F Ibrahim Front Shinx with statue. Rev A.R.E arms... 1977 Egypt
10 Piastres 2006 Blue/Orange Minister of Finance Dr Y Boutros-Ghali Front Mosque of Mohamed... 2006 Egypt
10P 1981/82 Purple Minister of Finance Dr.Abdul Razaq Abdul Mageed Front Value in Egyptian,... 1981 Egypt
£10 Brown/Green/Blue View of the interior of the Mosque of Al-Rifai Statue du Roi Chephren... 1979 Egypt
£1 Brown/Purple/Olive 9/7/1986 Sultan Quayet Bey Mosque Facade of Abu Simbel Temple flamked... 1986 Egypt
25 piastres Purple/Orange 9/12/2004 Al-Sayida Aisha mosque A.R.E arms & cotton, wheat and... 2004 Egypt
50 piastres Green/Purple/Orange 12/5/2005 Al Azhar Mosque & University of Cairo Drawing... 2005 Egypt
One Nakfa Brown/Green Fighters raising flag, 3 Girls, Camel Camel & children in bush school... 1997 Eritrea
5 Kroon Brown/Black/Purple/Yellow Estonian chess grandmaster Paul Keres & chessboard The... 1994 Estonia
Novelty gold 1967 Australia $5 1967 Exonumia
Novelty gold 100 euro note 2002 Exonumia
$2 2002 Green/Blue/Ocher Value above bird, value in center, HRH State Arms Rev Fiji above... 2002 Fiji
$5 2002 Brown/Blue/Green Front Bunedamu, Value, HRH, Coat of Arms Rev Nadi International... 2002 Fiji
$2 2007 Multi Front Value above Mohar, HRH, Coat of Arms Rev Value & Children Security... 2007 Fiji
$1 1993 Green/Pink/Gray Governor Front Coat of arms above value QEII Rev Market place with... 1993 Fiji
$10 1992 Purple/Brown/Ocher Governor Front Coat of arms above value QEII Rev Native Fijians... 1992 Fiji