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Central African States 2002 10,0000 Francs Seriel # 095098798 2002 Central African Republic
Central African States 2002 5000 Francs Seriel # 081869076 2002 Central African Republic
P-103Ao 1959 West African States
P-808T 1992 West African States
P-706Kc 1981 West African States
P-406Db 1981 West African States
João de Azevedo Coutinho 1970 Mozambique
10P 1981/82 Purple Minister of Finance Dr.Abdul Razaq Abdul Mageed Front Value in Egyptian,... 1981 Egypt
Guinea 100Francs 1998 UNC Front: Woman; Nude Carvings Guinea 100Francs 1998 UNC Back: Banana... 1998 Guinea
100 Kwancha (President Kenneth Kaunda on Obverse; Victoria Falls on Reverse) Watermark-... 1991 Zambia
5 Piastres (Queen Nefertiti on Obverse) Watermark- Sphinx 1986 Egypt
ND (old date 11-11-1987) Overprint NOVO KWANZA in light green on #120b 1991 Angola
Dark brownon green, brown and orange underprint. Back simualr to #2. 19681969 Biafra
Blue-green on tan umderprint. Map of Burundi with arms superimpossed at center. 19812005 Burundi
Greenish black and brown-violet on multicolour underprint. Cattle at left, arms at lower center... 2000 Burundi
1993 Burundi
P-4a 2 Maloti 1981 Lesotho
P-48 20 pounds 1978 Egypt
P-27 5 shillings 1987 Uganda
P-82 ND(1998) 25000 francs 1998 Madagascar