Region: Africa

Country: West African States

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(Benin) 1000 Francs Pk 215Ba Country Code -B- 2003 Giorgio64
(Guinea-Bissau) 1000 Francs Pk 915Sb Country Code -S- 1999 Giorgio64
(Senegal) 2000 Francs Pk 716Ka Country Code -K- 2002 Giorgio64
(Benin) 500 Francs Pk 210Bg Country Code -B- 1996 Giorgio64
(Burkina Faso - Upper Volta) 500 Francs Pk 310cf Country Code -C- 1996 Giorgio64
(Senegal) 500 Francs Pk 710k Country Code -K- 2002 Giorgio64
P-406Db 1981 Banknotecollector
P-706Kc 1981 Banknotecollector
P-808T 1992 Banknotecollector
P-103Ao 1959 Banknotecollector
IVORY COAST 500 Francs Banque Centrale Des Etats De L'Afique De L'Quest. Obverse:Man &... 1997 shawniskandar
ZAIRE 1982 FIVE ZAIRES. 1982 nonamateur
French West Africa 1944 labmom
1000 Francs CFA. Serial -K- prefix (Senegal). Tribal mask on face; two dromedaries on back.... 2003 The_Continental_Army
500 Francs. Serial -S- prefix (Guinea-Bissau). Man and flood control dam on face; farmer... 1998 The_Continental_Army
1000 Francs. Workmen hauling peanuts to storage and woman's head on face; twin statues and... 1997 The_Continental_Army
5000 Francs. Serial -C- prefix (Burkina Faso). Woman wearing headdress adorned with cowrie... 1992 The_Continental_Army
Mille (1000) Francs 1991 Mediccoin
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