Region: Africa

Country: West African States

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West African States Banque Centrale des Etats de l'Afrique de l'Ouest 500 Francs Multi... 1993 De-Orc
Dark brown on multicolour underprint. Headman with scepter at right and as watermark, skyscraper... 2001 DreamFLight911
Deep purple and dark brown on lilac and multicolour underprint. Dam at center, young woman's head... 1994 DreamFLight911
Dark brown and dark green on multicolour underprint. Man at right and as watermark, flood control... 2002 DreamFLight911
Design like #105A Lilac, light olve-green and multicolour. Artwork at left, long horn animals... 1990 DreamFLight911
*MALI* ________________ 500 Francs Pk 310D ----------------- Country Code -D-... 1996 Giorgio64
French West Africa 1942 wheatpenny
(Mali) 1000 Francs Pk 415Da Country Code -D- 2003 Giorgio64
*TOGO* __________________ 1000 Francs Pk 811Td ================== Country Code -T-... 2003 Giorgio64
*GUINEA-BISSAU* __________________ 500 Francs Pk 910Sb ================== Country Code... 1998 Giorgio64
(Niger) 500 Francs Pk 610Hd Country Code -H- 1994 Giorgio64
(Ivory Coast) 500 Francs Pk 110 Ae Country Code -A- 1998 Giorgio64
(Benin) 1000 Francs Pk 215Ba Country Code -B- 2003 Giorgio64
(Guinea-Bissau) 1000 Francs Pk 915Sb Country Code -S- 1999 Giorgio64
(Senegal) 2000 Francs Pk 716Ka Country Code -K- 2002 Giorgio64
(Benin) 500 Francs Pk 210Bg Country Code -B- 1996 Giorgio64
(Burkina Faso - Upper Volta) 500 Francs Pk 310cf Country Code -C- 1996 Giorgio64
(Senegal) 500 Francs Pk 710k Country Code -K- 2002 Giorgio64
P-406Db 1981 Banknotecollector
P-706Kc 1981 Banknotecollector
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