Region: Africa

Country: Guinea

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1000 Francs 2017 gradenko
GUINEA 1 Syli 1981 1981 Griffith
Obverse: Portrait of smiling Guinean woman with headscarf and hoop earrings; two doves. On... 2018 Dafetz
Obverse: Young male head at Left. Pigeon hologram at center. Reverse: Map at top left side.... 2018 Dafetz
Obverse: Man head at Left. Coat of arm at center. Reverse: Map at top left side. Mount Nimba,... 2018 Dafetz
Obverse: Woman, arms. Pigeon motifs. Reverse: Outline of Guinea. Kaleta Hydropower Plant... 2015 Dafetz
Obverse: Portrait of a young tribal Fulani Peul (Foulah, Wodaabe) woman with traditional Cimier... 2021 Dafetz
Obverse: Smiling Guinean African woman. Birds in flight. Pineapples surrounding the coat of arms... 2015 Dafetz
Obverse: Smiling Guinean African woman wearing a headdress. Coat of arms. Grain at right.... 2015 Dafetz
Obverse: Female at left, sculpture at lower right. Reverse: Dam at center, mask at right. 2012 Dafetz
Obverse: Girl at left, arms at center. Drum. Reverse: Shovel loading one into open end dump... 1985 Dafetz
Obverse: Woman at left, arms at center. Reverse: Minehead at center. 1985 Dafetz
Obverse: Young woman at left, arms at center. Carving of a female figure. Reverse: Harvesting... 1985 Dafetz
Obverse: Portrait of an elderly bearded man. Carving at left, arms at center. Reverse: Plowing... 1985 Dafetz
Obverse: Alpha Yaya Diallo (19th-century ruler of Labé, one of the nine provinces of the... 1980 Dafetz
Obverse: King Béhanzin of Dahomey (1844-1906, is considered the eleventh (if Adandozan is not... 1980 Dafetz
Obverse: Patrice Lumumba (1925-1961, was a Congolese politician and independence leader who... 1980 Dafetz
Obverse: President Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana (21 September 1909 – 27 April 1972). Reverse:... 1980 Dafetz
Obverse: Portrait of Sultan (King) Mohammed V of Morocco (10 August 1909 – 26 February 1961)... 1981 Dafetz
Obverse: Woman in national dress - Mafori Bangoura - Guinean women's leader. Reverse: Wording... 1981 Dafetz
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