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Just a 2004 Star $20.00 Dollar note Nothing spectacular just another rescue mission from circulation 2004 USA
2003-A- repeater note F 91644916 F found in circulation 2003 USA
2003 -A- USA $1.00 serial Number 88822552 Just a neat pattern of numbers thats about it 2003 USA
2003-A- $5.00 Just wanted a modern Note that was unc in the collection 2003 USA
2003-A_Star 2003 USA
1967 canada Centennial Note #2/2 1967 Canada
Canada Centenial 1 dollar note 1/2 consecutive 1967 Canada
Star replacment note a little to worn , but still an example of a star note from Canada 1973 Canada
Nice centering on this 2 dollar note one light fold down the middle otherwis it would be unc 1954 Canada
Nice devils hair variety/ would be unc but has one light fold down the middle 1954 Canada
1999 Star /// light wear with a counting ink spot A heavy fold down the center and some slight... 1999 USA
I would Say Cu but Has Light Folds. neat Serial Number but nothing special 1981 USA
Would be unc A couple light folds 1954 Canada
1954 Canada
Central Bank ofthe Phillipines 1949 Philippines
2001 Austrailian Polymer 5 note. only a 1year realease of this design. Beautiful colors... 2001 Australia
modern note no date recieved in a trade with a memeber from Austrailia on Coin Comunity... 1982 Australia
Chinese rice Coupon 1979 China
mongolia from tiffianybunny . thank for the info superBeast 0 Mongolia
Kyrgyzstan. 0 Kyrgyzstan