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1 Ringgit ND (1986; 1989). Dark blue and purple on multicolor underprint. T. A. Rahman at... 1986 Malaysia
250 Livres 1978-88. Deep gray-green and blue-black on multicolor underprint. Ruins at Tyras.... 1988 Lebanon
500 Kip 1988. Dark brown, purple and deep blue on multicolor underprint. Modern irrigation... 1988 Laos
10 Tyiyn ND (1993). Brown on pale green and brown-orange underprint. Bald eagle at center.... 1993 Kyrgyzstan
5 Won 2002 - Obverse: State emblem depicting hydroelectric power station and shining star.... 2002 Korea - North
5 Won 1998. Blue-black and deep purple on multicolor underprint. Students at center right... 1998 Korea - North
5 Won 1978. Blue-gray on multicolor underprint. Worker with book and gear, and woman with wheat... 1978 Korea - North
1000 Won Purple on multicolor underprint. Yi Hwang at right. One raised colored dot for... 1983 Korea - South
20 Shillings Dark blue on multicolor underprint. President Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi at left... 1996 Kenya
1 Lempira Dark red on multicolor underprint. Arms at left, Lempira at right, brown serial... 2006 Honduras
50 Drachmai 8.12.1978. Blue on multicolor underprint. Poseidon at left. Back: Sailing ship at... 1978 Greece
1 Pound Brown, purple and deep olive-green on multicolor underprint. Sultan Qait Bey mosque... 2007 Egypt
100 Riels 2001. Purple, brown and green. Independence monument at right, naga heads sculpture... 2001 Cambodia
10 Dollars During the Japanese Occupation, the Japanese government issued almost worthless paper... 1943 Japan
5 Rupees. It's Japanese Invasion Money (JIM). This was printed by Japan for use in The... 1942 Japan
1 Kyat - UNION OF BURMA BANK ND (1972). Green and blue on multicolor underprint. Military... 1972 Myanmar
10 Taka Brown, red and multicolor. National emblem at left; building at lower right. Back:... 2008 Bangladesh
2 Taka Gray-green on orange and green underprint. Monument at right. 6 signature varieties.... 2009 Bangladesh
2 Taka Gray-green on orange and green underprint. Monument at right. 6 signature varieties.... 2004 Bangladesh
1000 Lire D.1990. Red-violet and multicolor. M. Montessori at right. Seal: Type C. Back:... 1990 Italy
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