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This is the last note I needed for my typeset a series 1918 (under act of 1914) green eagle, I... 1918 USA
1914 Mexican revolutionary 50 peso. The over print says roughly: renewed by decree of December... 1914 Mexico
5 Guaranies, Paraguay. The only date on this claims 1952, but I was told this is from the 1963... 1963 Paraguay
Hungarian Budapest, 10 pengo. I think this is a very lovely note, just as most of the older... 1936 Hungary
1910 German, 100 Marks. This has to be one of the most beautiful notes I've ever seen. I have 9... 1910 Germany
1910 Russian, 100 Rubles. This note is very large and very artistically interesting. 1910 Russia
Moroccan 100 francs/cents. This has to be one of the most colorful notes I've ever seen. Vf+ 1943 Morocco
1928 United States Note, small size. Last small sized note I needed for my type set, now I just... 1928 USA
1936 Philippines under US rule, 1 Peso. 1936 Philippines
1987 Thailand 60 Baht Comemorative Note, Pick 93. This note celebrates the 60th birthday of King... 1987 Thailand
1934-A North African emergency issue Silver Certificate. 1934 USA
1934-D Silver Certificate five dollar. Nice white unc. 1934 USA
1929 National Currency. Once again, I purchased this nearly 12 years ago, and prices, even in... 1929 USA
1963 $5 United States Note, red seal. 1963 USA
1953 $5 Silver Certificate star note, blue seal. 1953 USA
1950-D $5 FRN 1950 USA
1914 $5 large size FRN. First one of these I've ever owned, and heck, the price was great. I find... 1914 USA
1963-B Federal Reserve Note. The infamous Barr note, the man was in office for only a month, and... 1963 USA
1963 Federal Reserve Note. White Au-Unc. 1963 USA
1957-B Silver Certificate. Nice white Unc. 1957 USA
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