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Finally! A series 1918 $2 Federal Reserve Bank Note issued by the Boston Fed. This note is... 1918 USA
Series 1902 date back $50 National issued by the Joplin National Bank of Joplin, MO. A nice... 1902 USA
Series 1934A $500 note, Mule graded VF 25 by PCGS from the Rickey Collection. Matches well with... 1934 USA
Nice 1882 Dateback $10 National from the National Shawmut Bank of Boston, graded apparent VF by... 1882 USA
Here is a nice, less common series 1935 B $1 silver certificate, with the Julian-Vinson signature... 1928 USA
Here is a nice series 1957 $1 silver certificate autographed by comedian and TV star Danny Thomas! 1957 USA
Here is a nice series 1928 B $10 Federal Reserve Note that was redeemable in gold. By the 1934... 1928 USA
A nice 1923 $1 silver certificate I received in a Secret Santa from the NGC forum! 1923 USA
Series 1929 FRBN from the Minneapolis Fed, a nice brown seal in a nice collectible grade. 1929 USA
Educational Series $2 Silver Certificate, lower serial number, overall a nice clean circulated... 1896 USA
Educational Series 1896 $5 note, the toughest of the series to get, this one is graded VF25 by... 1896 USA
A rather scarce Fr. 65 series 1875 $5 legal tender note, with the the Allison - New signature... 1875 USA
1929 $50 Federal Reserve Banknote from the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. 1929 USA
1929 $50 Federal Reserve Banknote issued by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City 1929 USA
1929 $10 Federal Reserve Banknote issued by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City 1929 USA
This is a nice old note with the numerical Fed seal from the first series of small size Federal... 1928 USA
A set of 5 consecutive series 1981 $1 FRNs, I have been saving these in consecutive order from... 1981 USA
A relatively common 1923 $1 silver certificate with the Speelman-White signature combination. 1923 USA
A nice "Green Eagle" 1918 $1 FRBN from the Philadelphia Fed. 1918 USA
A nice example of the 1914 $5 FRN with the White-Mellon signature combination. 1914 USA
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