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$5 1 Jun 03 Red/Carmine/Orange Front Thomas Potts, Coat of arms, Fish, HRH Rev Mahogany tree,... 2003 Belize
Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia 1000d Nikola Tesla 1856-1943 Tesla coil 1990 Yugoslavia
Ulster Bank Ltd £5 1 Jan 01 Multi Group Chief Exceutive M J Wilson Front Ulster landscape... 2001 Ireland
27.10.85 10 Zaires green/Brown/Orange Mobutu & Leopard Arms with hand holding torch 1985 Congo
100 Marks 7 Febuary Blue Imperial eagle with crown Medalic womans head supported by 2 women... 1908 Germany
10 Nouveau Zaiers Brown/Blue Sig 9 Leopard & President Mobutu Civic building and water... 1993 Congo
France, Operation Tom Cat 1st Issue (supplemental) 2f series 1944 France
Czechoslovakia 50 Korun Red/Blue/Green Eagle, mountains & Ludovit Stur View of Bratislava... 1987 Czech Republic
1 Nouveau Zaiers Purple/Green Sig 9 Leopard & President Mobutu Banque du Zaire Security... 1993 Congo
1 Tenge Blue/Green/Red Al-Farabi architectural drawings of a mosque Security Thread Watermark 1993 Kazakhstan
Malaya 5c 1941 Red/Green Board of Commissioners of Currency Front Portrait GVI, Value in... 1941 Malaysia
1 Gourde Brown Pres. Dr. Francois Duvalier Value & coat of arms T de la Rue 1979 Haiti
Serbian Republic of Krajina/Croatia 5000,000 Dinara Orange/Gray Knin fortress on hill Serbian... 1993 Croatia
1 Shipov Rouble State Treasury note Front Imperial Eagle & Stylised Seal Rev Value/Imperial... 1898 Russia
Hong Kong Polymer $10 01/04/07 Multi Financial Secretary Henry Tang Front Shadow Image of... 2007 Hong Kong
1974/76 5 Pesos Blue Ley #18.188/69 Gen Manuel Belgrano Monument to the flag at Rosario... 1974 Argentina
£1 Pink/Blue Map, Tower & boat Bank & coat of arms Security thread Wtrmk Lady's head T De... 1967 Malta
Serbian Republic of Krajina/Croatia 500,000 Dinara Brown/Green Knin fortress on hill Serbian... 1993 Croatia
50 Afghanis Rev Dar-al-Aman Palace in Kabul 1979 Afghanistan
5 pesos = 1/2 condor Blue Bernado O'Higgins Value & geometric design, bank seal Watermark... 1958 Chile