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50 Rials Green/Blue/Brown sig13 Ornate design & Shah Pahlavi Shah Pahlavi giving land deeds... 1971 Iran
50 Rials Green/Purple sig11 Ornate design & Shah Pahlavi Koohrang Dam and tunnel Security... 1971 Iran
100 Rials Purple/Green sig12 Ornate design & Shah Pahlavi Oil refinery at Abadan Security... 1970 Iran
1969-71 50 Rials Green/Purple sig12 Ornate design & Shah Pahlavi Koohrang Dam and tunnel... 1970 Iran
1 Riyal Blue/Yellow/Green/Purple King Fahd & gold dinar coin Hills & flowers Security thread... 1984 Saudi Arabia
1 Riyal Red Hill of Light & King Faisal King Faisal airport Security thread Wtrmk King Faisal 1977 Saudi Arabia
Multi Uncut sheet 1, 5, 10 Baht King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX) 80th Birthday 5/12/07... 2007 Thailand
Multi H.M. King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX) and H.M. Queen Sirikit H.M. Queen Sirikit; scenes... 2004 Thailand
1 Riyal Blue/Purple/Green Ornated column, arches & coat of arms Crested Lark (Galerida... 2003 Qatar
1 Riyal Purple/Blue Geometric design & Coat of arms Boat & buldings Security thread Wtrmk... 1985 Qatar
1/2 Dinar Blue/Purple/Green Oil refinery Irrigation system Security thread Wtrmk Coat of arms 2002 Libya
1,000 livres Green Alphabet Alphabet 2004 Lebanon
1000 livres Blue Map Ruins & Modern building Security thread Wtrmk Cedar tree 1992 Lebanon
250 livres Green/Pink/Orange Ruins at Tyras Ruins at Tyras Thomas De La Rue Wtrmk head in... 1988 Lebanon
100 livres Blue/Green/Purple Palais Beit-ed-din snowy hills & Cedar trees Thomas De La Rue... 1988 Lebanon
50 livres Green/Blue/Pink City walls Temple of Bacchus Thomas De La Rue Wtrmk Cedar tree 1988 Lebanon
10 livres Purple Ruins of Anjar Rocks at sea Thomas De La Rue Security thread Wtrmk mans... 1986 Lebanon
5 livres Green Buildings & Ruins Footridge over river Thomas De La Rue Security thread... 1986 Lebanon
1980/91 1 Dinar Purple/Green Geometric desicn & coat of arms Fortress Security thread Wtrmk... 1991 Kuwait
5 Riyals Red/Orange Dhahr al Dahab Fortress Qal'at al Qahira Security thread Wtmrk Coat... 1991 Yemen