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Obverse: Portrait of Samuel Sharpe (an educated town slave who became leader of the native... 2015 Jamaica
Obverse: Portrait of The Honourable Michael Norman Manley, (1924-1997), fourth Prime Minister of... 2010 Jamaica
Obverse: Portrait of Nanny of the Maroons (Queen Nanny; Granny Nanny), a National Hero of... 2020 Jamaica
Obverse: Sir Donald Sangster (1911-1967, Jamaican solicitor and politician, and the second Prime... 1993 Jamaica
Obverse: George William Gordon at left, arms in underprint at center. Three horizontal sorting... 1985 Jamaica
Obverse: Norman Manley at left, arms at bottom center. Two horizontal blue-green sorting bars at... 1985 Jamaica
Obverse: Paul Bogle, arms at left, Doctor Bird (Trochilus polytmus) or Swallowtail Humming Bird... 1986 Jamaica
Obverse: Sir Alexander Bustamante at left, Lignum Vitae – the national flower of Jamaica at... 1985 Jamaica
Obverse: Ayatollah Sayyid Hassan Modarres (1870 - 1 December 1937), Iranian Twelver Shi'a... 1985 Iran
Obverse: Feyzieh Madressa Seminary at lower left, large prayer gathering at center. White... 1997 Iran
Obverse: Ornate floral designs; Imam Reza Holy Shrine in Mashad, is a complex which contains the... 1981 Iran
Obverse: Persian carpet design with old Bank Markazi in Tehran at bottom center. Portrait of... 1976 Iran
Obverse: Emperor of Iran and last Shah - Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi (26 October 1919, Tehran –... 1974 Iran
Obverse: Man slaying beast at left. Portrait of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi (26 October 1919 –... 1954 Iran
Obverse: Stylized sun as a representation of an Assyrian star, men in boat. Arabic inscription... 2018 Iraq
Obverse: Dukan Dam (multi-purpose concrete arch dam in As Sulaymaniyah Governorate, Kurdistan... 2018 Iraq
Obverse: Abu Ali Hasan Ibn al-Haitham (Alhacen, al-Basri or Alhazen) (965 - ca.1040), physicist... 2003 Iraq
Obverse: Gali Ali Beg waterfall (waterfall is named after Prince Ali Beg of the Soran Emirate),... 2003 Iraq
Obverse: Abbasid gold Dinar coin. Reverse: al-Mustansiriya Madrasa University ( Mustansiriya... 2003 Iraq
Obverse: Dukan Dam (multi-purpose concrete arch dam in As Sulaymaniyah Governorate, Kurdistan... 2004 Iraq
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