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10 livres Purple Ruins of Anjar Rocks at sea Thomas De La Rue Security thread Wtrmk mans... 1986 Lebanon
5 livres Green Buildings & Ruins Footridge over river Thomas De La Rue Security thread... 1986 Lebanon
1980/91 1 Dinar Purple/Green Geometric desicn & coat of arms Fortress Security thread Wtrmk... 1991 Kuwait
5 Riyals Red/Orange Dhahr al Dahab Fortress Qal'at al Qahira Security thread Wtmrk Coat... 1991 Yemen
1 Riyal Green/Blue/Brown Baqiliyah Mosque Coffee plants Security thread Wtmrk Coat of arms 1983 Yemen
£1 Brown/Green Pigeon & buildings Pigeons - Peace vision Security thread Wtmrk Pigeon 2006 Sudan
£10 Orange/Brown/Green City gateway & arabic writing round a map Bank of Sudan Security... 1991 Sudan
50 Piastres Red University of Khartoum Musical instrament, feather, map & plant 1987 Sudan
25 Piastres Purple Bank of Sudan Camels & map 1987 Sudan
West African States Banque Centrale des Etats de l'Afrique de l'Ouest 500 Francs Multi... 1993 West African States
1000 Francs Blue/Green Rwanda National Museum Monkey in the Parc des Volcans Security thread... 2004 Rwanda
5000 Francs Multi Coffee plantation harvesting scene Banana trees & View of Lake Kivu Wtmrk... 1988 Rwanda
100 Ouguiya Purple/Olive Musical instruments & cow grazing in front of a tower Geometric... 2004 Mauritania
200 Ariary/1000 Francs Greens High plateau village gate Aloalo (Tomb sculptures). Security... 2004 Madagascar
100 Ariary/500 Francs Blue Ravinala & Tsingy of Bemaraha Sugar Loaf at Antsiranana Bay... 2004 Madagascar
500 Francs Brown/Red/Green Fish, Boy with fish in net & sea shell Aerial view of port... 1988 Madagascar
1000 Francs Multi Girls head, coat of arms & native drum Mining scene Security thread... 1998 Guinea
50 piastres Green/Purple/Orange 12/5/2005 Al Azhar Mosque & University of Cairo Drawing... 2005 Egypt
25 piastres Purple/Orange 9/12/2004 Al-Sayida Aisha mosque A.R.E arms & cotton, wheat and... 2004 Egypt
£1 Brown/Purple/Olive 9/7/1986 Sultan Quayet Bey Mosque Facade of Abu Simbel Temple flamked... 1986 Egypt